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TCB Relaxer Kit Combo (Regular)


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This TCB hair care combo has contains 2 products

1. TCB Naturals No Base Crème Hair Relaxer Regular - 212g

About the Product

TCB Naturals Crème Hair Relaxer contains Naturals Oils, Protein, and DNA to strengthen and protect hair, while effectively relaxing it. This unique conditioning formula leaves hair straight and manageable, with body and shine.

Great for: relaxed, texturized, colored & permed hair.


Higher amounts of protectants relieve scalp irritation by effectively
straightening hair.
Easy to apply as it’s a ‘No Base or No Mix’ Relaxer.


A ‘No-Mix’ affordable chemical hair relaxer, meant for irreversible hair straightening.

Usage Directions

Step 1: Application and Relaxation – Part hair into 4 sections. Working on one section at a time, apply relaxer crème to hair (1.0 cm from the scalp), moving from the back of the head towards the forehead. When relaxer application is complete, smoothen hair in the order of application until hair is relaxed.
Step 2: Rinse – Rinse thoroughly with warm water, until the hair is free of relaxer crème.
Step 3: Neutralize – Use Neutralizing Shampoo, and repeat the shampooing process until the relaxer is completely washed off. Condition & style as desired


Mineral Oil & Petroleum Jelly – These natural ingredients provide an excellent film to protect kinky hair & reduce irritation during hair relaxation. Protein – Act as a small building block for your hair, which helps to reduce the damage by providing necessary structural support during hair relaxation.


    2. TCB Naturals Deep Penetrating Treatment - 250g


    About the Product

    TCB Naturals Deep Penetrating Treatment contains a unique blend of Shea Butter and Honey which revitalizes dry, damaged, and chemically treated hair. It deeply penetrates the hair shaft to condition and moisturizes hair leaving them stronger and healthier.



    • Revitalizes dry, damaged, and chemically treated hair
    • Conditions and moisturizes hair
    • Improves Hair Health

    Repairing Agent - Fixes damages caused by various chemical treatments & styling stresses. Detangles & smoothens the hair surface.
    Conditioner – This special pH-balanced cream works as a conditioner for hair.


    Usage Directions

    Shampoo hair and towel dry.
    Apply TCB Naturals Deep Penetrating Treatment generously throughout the hair.
    Leave on hair for 10-15 minutes then rinse with warm water.
    Style as desired.
    For extremely damaged hair, a heat cap may be used.



    Shea Butter- Provides scalp healing and aids in reducing scalp irritation.
    Improves scalp health and stimulates hair growth. Protects scalps from infections or psoriasis and helps keep them clean, bacteria-free, and dandruff-free.