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Custom hand made human hair wigs


Color: 1B

  • 1B
  • 2

Length Combination: 12", 14" and a 10" frontal (1 bundle each)

  • 12", 14" and a 10" frontal (1 bundle each)
  • 14", 16" and a 10" frontal (1 bundle each)
  • 1 bundle 16", 2 bundles 18", 1 bundle 16" frontal
  • 3 bundles 20", 1 bundle 16" frontal

Wig Style: Straight

  • Straight
  • Natural Wavy
  • Deep Curl
  • Body Wavy
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The main reason for getting a custom-made wig is to get a proper fit. You also get to choose a pre-formulated density level or create one more specific to your needs, get the hair as long as you want it and the color that you prefer most. BeautyClick wigs are light and comfortable and are designed to appear as your natural scalp. Each strand of hair is hand-tied to the lace to give the look of natural hair growth. Part it on the left, the right, or down the middle, and never reveal anything but great style!
The hair lengths to choose from range from 12-20 inches. Color Available are 1B and 2 but the hair can be dyed to your color of preference.