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Ariana 8 inch Bob Human Hair Wig 1B/27



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About this wig
Ariana is an 8 inch Bob Human Hair Wig color 1b/27 (blonde) made of high quality human hair. It has a 4*4 lace closure and comes with baby hair. It's made using top quality virgin human hair that doesn't tangle or shed with proper maintenance.

Why we love it
- It's a 4x4 lace closure wig
- Average Cap Size with 3 Combs 
- It has an adjustable and breathable rose net which can fit different head size
- Length is 8 inches
- The hair is straight with a bob at the bottom
- It's made of 100% virgin human hair
- Color is 1B/27
- Can be washed and set just the way you like.
- Can last for more many years with proper maintenance
- It's 100% virgin human hair that doesn't tangle or shed

How to wash your wig
step 1: Soak the wig in shampoo and water
Step 2: Comb the shampoo or conditioner out of the wig (with your wig comb).
Step 3: Rinse the wig with warm water until the product is all out then comb again until it is untangled.
Step 4: Allow the wig to dry by itself.

P:S When you wash your wig, avoid rubbing or massaging it, just combing is enough!

Other wig maintenance tips
- DO NOT USE hold spray or shiny spray on your wig. It will tangle, become greasy and unmanageable. Apply a special serum regularly to detangle/moisturize the wig and keep it soft.
- If you need styling or cutting of the lace, take it to a professional. We can recommend expert wig makers to help you in care and styling of the wigs
- Keep your wig in a mannequin or a hook of some kind in an upright position so it doesn't tangle.
- Cover your wig to avoid dust
- Excess Heat can damage your wig (just as it does to your natural hair) so don't use too much of it