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JBS - SHE Natural Texture Deep Weave

KSh500.00 KSh1,320.00

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Want a weave that blends perfectly with your natural hair? This is it. SHE Natural Texture Deep Weaving is a long lasting, human hair blend with a silky soft texture. It will give you a natural look with a boost of volume. The versatile curls are easy to handle, smooth and easy to comb.

  • Good flame resistance.
  • Smooth and natural texture.
  • Easy to comb and tangle-free.
  • Great curl retention.
  • Washable.
  • Great value for money.

Tip: Maintain this weave by avoiding exposure to excessive heat. Sleep with a silk scarf on to keep it looking fresh for longer.

JBS - SHE Natural Texture Deep Weaving

We measure the length of hair when it’s stretched to straight. This means, if you choose curly, kinky or wavy hair, it will look shorter than straight hair even though they are the same length.

To measure the length of your hair weave or wig, follow the steps below: 1. Take a strand of hair
2. If it’s straight hair, you can measure it in its natural state. Curly, kinky or wavy hair is measured when stretched out.
3. Measure the hair length from the root of the strand to the tip.

Whether your weave or wig is made of human, synthetic or semi human hair, the general care is the same.

Human hair weaves and wigs

Human and virgin hair weaves should be taken care of as if they were your own hair. For human hair weaves and wigs, shampooing every 7 to 14 days and regularly deep-conditioning will keep the hair clean and shiny. Be as gentle as possible, since your weave can tangle easily while shampooing. Opt for sulfate-free shampoos, which are more gentle on your weave and the hair underneath.

Synthetic weaves and wigs

Synthetic hair typically doesn't last as long. Consult your stylist to find out how to care for your particular synthetic weave. Some synthetic hair comes with specific washing instructions.

How to comb your hair weave/wig

Use a wide-toothed comb to comb straight or body wavy hair. Use your hands to detangle afro kinky or deep curly hair. Detangling using a wide-tooth comb will prevent breakage, especially while the weave is wet.
Tip: Add a bit of conditioner and water to the weave before detangling it.

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