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Invest and own a share of Africa's growing e-commerce business

Company Profile

This section presents a brief overview of the company and the ecosystem within which we operate.


Africanhair Limited trading as BeautyClick, a leading innovative e-commerce business in the East African Beauty Space founded in 2016. The company, incorporated in Kenya, is a wholly owned subsidiary of ClickBeauty International based in Denmark.

It currently has its headquarters in Kenya and intends to expand across Eastern Africa and later in Western Africa.


Our Business

Through the BeautyClick platform, Africanhair Limited is a retailer and wholesaler of fashion and beauty products. BeautyClick currently sells hair, cosmetics and skincare products and looks to penetrate among other categories the perfume, fashion, and personal care markets. Detailed highlight of our products can be found here

The company estimates the Sub-Saharan hair and cosmetics market to be worth more than 16 Billion US dollars in addition to an even larger market within personal care.


Our Vision

To transform the cosmetics and beauty market across Sub-Saharan Africa by driving a strong community online.


Our Objectives

  1. Growing the Strongest Digital Brand Community

BeautyClick is already one of the most actively engaging brands in the beauty and fashion industry across popular digital channels in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Company aims to continue growing its target audience and communities across social channels such as Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. BeautyClick aim to continue providing quality, engaging and useful content to its consumers. Expanding its reach geographically beyond major urban centres is an opportunity BeautyClick is looking to capitalise on to grow its’ market share.

  1. Lowest Cost/Highest efficiency

The management of BeautyClick has identified areas where cost-efficiencies can be achieved within the business. In particular, expanding the working capital, provides opportunities for better inventory management and cheaper cost of sales. Opportunities for improving profitability margins also exist in bringing down the cost per delivery. BeautyClick has put in measures to optimise our distribution channels.

  1. Quality Products at Competitive Prices

BeautyClick looks to directly source products from manufacturers and major suppliers in the future to obtain better prices. A key to achieving this is trading higher volumes in order to attract quantity discounts. The Company also is renegotiating terms with existing suppliers to obtain better terms such as exclusive distribution rights for popular brands in Kenya and East Africa.

  1. Best Service

BeautyClick is continuously investing in improving the Company’s systems and processes including its website, social channels, customer engagement, marketing campaigns, distribution channels, and payment channels. BeautyClick strives every day to serve its customers better!

  1. A Highly Motivated Team.

Acquiring and retaining the best talent is critical to the success of BeautyClick. The staff turnover has been fairly low since inception relative to other young businesses. The Staff are always eager to provide extra value to clients where possible.

  1. Innovative

From the cashless systems, effective advertising campaigns and providing avenues to order through the Customer’s preferred channels, BeautyClick always strives to get better.


Our Core Values

  1. Putting Customers First

The satisfaction of customers is what motivates the staff of BeautyClick to go an extra mile in service delivery.

  1. Being Honest

BeautyClick has a clear product pricing and return policies which the Company adheres to without bias.  BeautyClick has even gone further ahead to implement full cashless payment systems for traceability of transactions with clients and suppliers.

  1. Being Professional

BeautyClick invests in proper training of staff since their conduct ultimately defines and projects the BeautyClick brand.  The Company encourages staff to maintain utmost integrity and diligence in their handling of stakeholders.

  1. Giving and Learning from Feedback

The Company’s staff is comprised of trained beauty experts ready to offer clients a personalized beauty consultation. BeautyClick regularly tests the quality of products they offer and welcome clients’ feedback on their preferences and how best BeautyClick can serve them.

  1. Thinking Holistically

BeautyClick offers more than just products. BeautyClick aims to make shopping for beauty products a convenient experience through use of technology and efficient delivery. Our pre-sales and after-sales support services such as beauty consultation offer immense value.


Our culture

BeautyClick has an organizational culture that really values and supports innovation, so that our employees can make innovation happen. We constantly look for technological change and industry disruption which can support the acceleration of our future growth and profitability to create maximum shareholder value.

Our innovative culture is embedded in our vision, values and objectives and permeates our culture:


Our Vision, values and objectives at a glance


Our Commitments

At BeautyClick we are committed to create an impact for our employees, customers, shareholders and the tech eco-system in general, by:


  • Only selling genuine products and fighting against counterfeit products
  • Training and developing our employees based on international standards and Kenyan needs
  • Maximizing shareholder value by using Kenya as a hub for expanding and conquering the rest of the continent
  • Sharing our learnings with other Kenyan entrepreneurs and business owners by publishing textbooks, giving speeches and mentoring entrepreneurs
  • Democratizing ownership, by allowing regular customers to own a piece of BeautyClick


Key moments in BeautyClick’s history.

Our detailed company profile can be found here










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