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How To Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized

Are you the type who washes your hair very often? or do you keep moisturizing your hair but it never really lasts? Well, all in all if your hair is still dry even after constantly moisturizing it, you need to try these tips.

1. Your hair products might be doing more harm than good

The truth is, many hair products on the market contain chemicals that make your hair dry. These products might seem to help your hair in the short term, but with extended use they can damage and dry out your hair. Luckily, distinguishing the good from the bad is easy: just check the ingredients! 

2. Your hair might be dry if you shampoo too often

We recommend using shampoo no more than once a week, and as infrequently as once a month. If your hair is consistently dry, lengthen the amount of time between washes. 

3. Experiment with different protein levels

Moisture and protein need to be balanced, and too much protein tends to make your hair feel dry and stiff. If stiff, hard, and dry hair sounds familiar, you probably have too much protein in your daily/weekly regimen.

4. Breakage can also increase dryness

We believe natural hair should never keep you from the beach, a bike ride, or a walk outside with your friends, so we recommend protecting your hair if you're going out in extreme weather. Use a scarf to cover your hair if need be.

5. Deep condition your hair!

Why? Deep conditioners penetrate your hair shaft much deeper with moisture than other products do. Deep condition every two weeks for best results.


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