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6 Quarantine Hairstyles Kenyan Celebrities Are Rocking Effortlessly

Since corona happened a lot of people have been avoiding the salons and understandably women have chosen to tuck their hair in braids to avoid the salon altogether. 

During quarantine even celebrities who are known for wigs and weaves seem to have chosen braids or their natural hair instead. Are you liking these styles?

1. Betty Kyallo in braids

Braids seem to be the easiest option when it comes to protective hairstyles especially in this season. Another obvious option would be a wig but doesn't Betty look amazing?

Betty Kyallo

2. Joanna Kinuthia in faux locs

Faux locs stay for a lot longer than normal braids and are easy to style and have a natural look as well. 

Joanna Kinuthia

3. Milly wa Jesus actually braided her own hair and this were the results

Learning to braid your own hair is an investment and a lot safer than going to the salon, but do you have the time? We applaud Milly for doing her own hair especially as a mum.

Milly wa Jesus

4. Wabosha decided to crotchet her hair and it looks good

Need to save some time, crotchet is exactly what you should opt for. Wabosha chose the right colour for her skin tone and the braids look real neat too.


5. Kambua rocking faux locs

Need something that looks natural and can stay for longer than three weeks? Kambua has given us hair goals with this hairstyle. 


6. Lilian Muli opted for a haircut and she looks gorgeous

Tired of braids and styling your hair? opt for a haircut it's easy to maintain, you can literally wash and go, would you do this?

Lilian Muli

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