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6 Lipstick Mistakes You're Probably Making


Lipstick is an essential part of any polished outfit. It pulls your whole look together, and makes everyone think you actually tried when, in reality, you probably just hopped out of bed and threw on the pair of jeans you left on the end of your bed last night. 

Lipstick application seems easy enough: you just swipe and go... right? Unfortunately, we've all seen it get a little more complicated than that — lipstick on your teeth during a first date, anyone?

1. Your applying lipstick on cracked lips

Nothing ruins a gorgeous makeup look quite like cracked lipstick. Avoiding cracked lips starts with drinking enough water. You can use a lip gloss before applying lipstick if your lips are usually cracked.

Here's a lipgloss we highly recommend:

 nouba reflecta lip gloss

2. You don't exfoliate 

Exfoliating removes the dead skin, leaving a smooth and moisturized surface for your lip color.

3. You don't use lip liner

When done correctly, lip liner is actually an crucial addition to every makeup routine. It "gives you a super-saturated, long-wearing look.This means a longer-lasting lipstick look that won't bleed or feather out.

Have you tried Zaron lip liners? You'll love them. Check out some gorgeous lip liners here.

4. You're using the wrong shade of lipstick

Just like your foundation comes in different undertones, so does lipstick. Finding the right shade is essential to pulling your look together without washing you out.

Nouba millebaci has gorgeous shades, we know you'll love them.

nouba millebaci lipstick matte

5. You're over applying

Just like you can use too much lip liner, you can also over apply your lipstick — which leads to embarrassing results, like leaving lipstick residue on your teeth or wine glass.


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