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How To Make Your Lipstick Last The Whole Day

I am always so excited whenever I wear my lipstick in the morning especially when it’s bright and red.

However, as the day goes by, between talking and eating, my lipstick always ends up disappearing and it can be so frustrating especially when you’re intention was to slay effortlessly without having to keep applying your lipstick all the time. Instead of blaming the brand that you wear how about trying these steps that will actually make your lipstick last the whole day.

1. Exfoliate and hydrate

Please do not apply lipstick on cracked or dry lips. Firstly, always make sure you’re always hydrating to avoid dry lips. Secondly, exfoliate your lips with a scrub that works well for you, alternatively you can brush your lips with your toothbrush, make sure you do it softly and gently to avoid hurting your lips.

lip scrub

2. Prime and prep

A primer isn’t always a must because your lipstick will probably not last the whole day when you apply a primer before. However, if your lips are rough and dry or have a lot of dry skin then you should apply a primer but make sure you have exfoliated before.


3. Line and fill

Lip liner is recommended by the pros to keep color from fading. Make sure you line your lips correctly and use the right colour so that your lipstick doesn’t colour clash or look awkward. Always use a similar lip liner to line and fill in the lips before applying the lipstick.

lip liner

4. Apply and blot

If you want a long-lasting lipstick, you’re better off choosing a liquid lipstick as it’s not easy to remove it. However, if you really want something that will not come out at all, try matte lipstick because you’ll definitely need a makeup remover to get rid of that.

5. Set with powder

This is perfect if you don’t have dry lips but you can a bit of powder to set your lip colour. Make sure you set your lips with a translucent powder so it doesn’t get a cakey look.

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