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Difference Between Baby Wipes and Makeup Wipes

Many people often use baby wipes to remove their makeup. Some factors that make people choose baby wipes over actual makeup removal wipes include

  1. A lot prefer them thinking that they are gentler.
  2. The price point

RUNDOWN of the Two.

Baby Wipes are the favorite all- around portable skin cleanser from adults to babies; They are made up of little skin care benefits because they are only meant to clean; some contain alcohol while some don't.

 Makeup Remover Wipes are travel- friendly makeup dissolvers; They contain skin care ingredients and makeup removing ingredients such as cream, emulsion, or oil extracts.


The QUALITY of the two.

 Baby Wipes can remove makeup, for sure, due to their wet condition. However, since they are not built to dissolve makeup, they may leave traces that can clog the skin and cause a breakout; this is especially true if you love wearing waterproof or long- wearing makeup.

Makeup Remover Wipes are built and formulated to dissolve light to heavy makeup, depending on the variant and formula. Some brands even fashioned the sheets to have exfoliators to facilitate a better, deeper clean, thus helping remove at least 99% of makeup and preventing breakouts.


The PRICE of the two

 Baby Wipes are much cheaper than Makeup Remover Wipes and the difference is usually due to the material of the sheet and ingredients.



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