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7 Makeup Products Every Woman Should Own

There’s something about having the right makeup on that gives a woman a new sense of confidence. We’re certainly not referring to too much makeup that gives you the undesirable cakey look. There are simple makeup essentials that can improve your skin, give you a flawless and youthful appearance. It’s more about wearing makeup to accentuate your beautiful features and choosing just the right shades for your tone. Here are 7 makeup products you need to own in your day to day makeup kit.

  1. A pressed powder

Using a pressed powder can add a nice glow to your skin making it look healthier. You can apply it just after the primer and foundation to complete the look. Make sure you choose the right shade.

We recommend: Revlon Colorstay Press Powder



If you still don’t know how to wear a mascara, no worries. There’s always a first time for everything. The more you practice, the easier and faster you’ll be able to apply one. Mascara gives you long beautiful lashes that you probably never thought you had. In fact, you can do away with the eye pencil and put on a mascara to make your eyes pop.

We recommend: Nouba Volumaxi Mascara


They say the eyes are the windows to the soul so why not accentuate your beautiful eyes by using an eye liner. One mistake people make with the eye pencil is drawing a line that’s too thick on the lower lashes. A fine line works just as well especially if you’re using a dark eye liner.


We recommend the Revlon Colorstay eyeliner


If you always admire woman with a high, flawless coverage, their secret is applying the right foundation. You can’t go wrong with the right shade of foundation that is lightweight and gives you a completely smooth and flawless look. Remember that you need to know how to apply foundation correctly to give your skin a natural glow.

We recommend the Revlon Colorstay Mousse Makeup Foundation


Investing in a good eyeshadow is always recommended. You can match your eyeshadow color to your lipstick to give you that perfect made up look.

We recommend : Revlon Colorstay 16 HR Quad Eyeshadow


A good blush should give you a natural looking and fresh glow on the cheeks. Choose blush that only adds a small pigment that is easy to blend down.

We recommend the Revlon Powder Blush

Red Lipstick

There’s something about red lipstick that makes a woman fearless. You certainly need a red lipstick in your makeup bag. Choose a quality lipstick that can stay throughout the day without being messy. Also find a lipstick that moisturizes your lips so they don’t get dry and crack when you apply it often.

We recommend Nouba Millebacci lipstick.

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