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7 Hairstyles to Try in 2017

We just checked in with Kenya’s top hairstylists for their 2017 hair trend predictions. Below are some hairstyles that you need to try out this year.

  1.        The 360 Lace Frontal

This is an ongoing trend in human hair frontals. This frontal is not like your usual ear-to-ear frontal or a wig. With the 360 lace frontal, you can cover your natural hair and do a ponytail with the weave on. The frontal is designed to cover the front hairline, crown, sides and back of your natural hair.

P:S The 360 Lace frontal must be properly installed by a professional to give you the best look.

Buy 360 Lace frontal from BeautyClick here.

  1.        Short curly wig

Try out a minimalistic look with a short and sassy curly weave. Check out the look of the deep wave Brazilian curly weave shown above. This look can quickly transform your style from boring to sassy.

  1.        A long dramatic ombre weave

Ombre weaves are still on trend in 2017. You don’t really have to buy a weave that has already been colored. You can get a quality human hair weave and have it dyed whichever color you want. Just find a professional stylist with experience in making ombre weaves.

  1.        A-line cut look

This is one of the trendiest hairstyles that you can achieve with your human hair bundles. The A-line cut allows you to enjoy the long and fierce bundles at the front and a much shorter length at the back as in the pic above. Want this look? Get it from BeautyClick.

  1.        Custom made wigs

If you are never a weave kind of girl or you want a quick way to change up your style, convert your human hair bundles into a wig. Check out the look below. Can you tell the wig was made from weave bundles? Just make sure you find a good stylist to make your weave into a wig. We can certainly recommend one.

  1.        Go bold or go home

2017 is the year to try out a dramatic hair color. And no, you never have to dye your own natural hair. Weaves, particularly 100% virgin hair, allow you to experiment with different hair colors. Furthermore, dying your natural hair can cause extensive damage so it’s never really recommended. Check out the color above, is this a look you can confidently wear?

  1.        Simple short wig hairstyles

Ever worn a short human hair wig? 2017 is the year to try out a different kind of hairstyle. You never know how good you’ll look on a short bob wig unless you try. We totally love the look of the Outre Duby Lace Wig above. 

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